Salads & Soups


Slow cooked pork & hominy soup, sides of cabbage, chile peppers, radishes, avocado and lime.

Carnita Cobb

Pork carnitas, charred corn, avocado, black beans, tomato, cilantro, radishes, queso fresco, lime.

BBQ Grilled Chicken

Cilantro, red onions, black beans, tortilla strips, ranch.


Fire-braised chicken, corn, tortilla strips, black beans, peppers, onions, queso fresco, cumin vinaigrette, avocado ranch.

Cactus Chili

Homemade chili with grilled cactus, ground beef, tomatoes, onions, corn, black beans, spinach.

Chicken Durazno

Fire-braised chicken, tomatoes, pralines, cranberries, avocado, charred corn, queso fresco, honey lime dressing.

Michigan Cherry

Grilled chicken, bleu cheese, cherries, pralines, raspberry vinaigrette.

Chile Lime Salmon

Chile rubbed salmon filet, avocado, mango, queso fresco, colby, black beans, honey lime dressing.